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2022Microbiome14.65Long-term efect of epigenetic modifcation in plant–microbe interactions: modifcation of DNA methylation induced by plant growth_x005f_x0002_promoting bacteria mediates promotion process南京农业大学生命科学学院
2021Microbiome14.65An integrated gene catalog and over 10,000 metagenome-assembled genomes from the gastrointestinal microbiome of   ruminants南京农业大学动物科技学院
2020nature microbiology14.3

Competition for iron drives phytopathogen control by natural rhizosphere microbiomes‍

2021Water Res


How environmental stress leads to alternative microbiota states in a river ecosystem: A new insight into river restoration河海大学
2021Water Res11.236Microbial community coalescence: does it matter in the Three Gorges Reservoir?三峡库区
2020Chemical Engineering Journal10.652Electrochemical behavior of biochar and its effects on microbial nitrate reduc‐ tion: Role of extracellular polymeric substances in extracellular electron transfer‍河海大学
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2021Bioresour Technol9.642

Metagenomic approach reveals the fates and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance genes exposed to allicins during waste activated sludge

fermentation: Insight of the microbial community, cellular status and gene regulation

2021Bioresour Technol9.642Effects of persulfate treatment on the fates of antibiotic resistance genes in waste activated sludge fermentation process and the underlying mechanism华东师范大学
Bioresour Technol9.641Ensiling pretreatment with two novel microbial consortia enhances bioethanol production in sterile rice straw南京农业大学
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water Research9.13New insights into the vertical distribution and microbial degradation of microplastics in urban river sediments‍河海大学
water Research9.13Dams shift microbial community assembly and imprint nitrogen transformation along the Yangtze River‍河海大学
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2021Journal of Hazardous Materials9.038Fe(III) reduction due to low pe+pH contributes to reducing Cd transfer within a soil-rice system中国农业科学院农业资源与农业区划研究所
Environ. Sci. Technol.9.028Antibiotic Resistance Gene-Carrying Plasmid Spreads into the Plant Endophytic Bacteria using Soil Bacteria as Carriers南开大学

Microbiome14.65Long-term efect of epigenetic modifcation in plant–microbe interactions: modifcation of DNA methylation induced by plant growth_x005f_x0002_promoting bacteria mediates promotion process南京农业大学生命科学学院
2021Bioengineering&translational medicine10.7106In-cytoplasm mitochondrial transplantation for mesenchymal stem cells engineering and tissue regeneration浙江大学&浙江大学医学院
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2021Journal of Controlled Release9.776Maintaining manganese in tumor to activate cGAS-STING pathway evokes a robust abscopal anti-tumor effect‍南京大学医学院
2021Journal of Hazardous Materials9.038Environmentally relevant concentrations of sertraline disrupts behavior and the brain and liver transcriptome of juvenile yellow catfsh (Tachysurus fulvidraco): Implications for the feeding and growth axis‍中国科学院南京地理与湖泊研究所
2021Journal of Hazardous Materials9.038Selenium nanoparticles ameliorate Brassica napus L. cadmium toxicity by inhibiting the respiratory burst and scavenging reactive oxygen species‍山东大学环境科学与工程学院
2021Environ Sci Technol9.028Transcriptomic Analysis of Stropharia Rugosoannulata Reveals Potential Carbohydrate Metabolism and Cold Resistance Mechanisms Under Low-Temperature复旦大学生命科学学院
2020Oncogene7.791The Wnt/β-catenin/VASP positive feedback loop drives cell proliferation and migration in breast cancer‍武汉大学基础医学院
2020Gut Microbes7.74Gut microbiota regulate tumor metastasis via circRNA/miRNA networks‍同济大学医学院
2022Horticulture Research6.793An ARF1-binding factor triggering programmed cell death and periderm development in pear russet fruit skin浙江省农业科学院
2021Front Nutr6.576Feeding Frequency Modulates the Intestinal Transcriptome Without Affecting the Gut Microbiota in Pigs With the Same Daily Feed Intake南京农业大学
2022Frontiers in Nutrition6.576

   Multi-Omics Landscape of DNA Methylation Regulates Browning in      “Fuji” Apple

Stem Cells6.277   Urine stem cells are equipped to provide B cell survival signals‍南京农业大学
2021COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY6.268   Brassicaceae transcriptomes reveal convergent evolution of super-          accumulation of sinigrin浙江大学
2021Bioeng Transl Med6.091In‐cytoplasm mitochondrial transplantation for mesenchymal stem cells engineering and tissue regeneration浙江大学医学院第二附属医院

Journal of Hazardous Materials9.038Transcription profiling-guided remodeling of sulfur metabolism in synthetic bacteria for efficiently capturing heavy metals‍南开大学生命科学学院
2022Mlife8.14Indole Reverses Intrinsic Antibiotic Resistance by Activating a Novel Dual-Function Importer中国海洋大学
mBio6.747The toxicity effects of nano/microplastics on an antibiotic producing strain - Streptomyces coelicolor M145中国海洋大学海洋生命科学学院
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2021Front Microbiol5.64   Traditional Chinese Medicine Tanreqing Inhibits Quorum Sensing          Systems in   Pseudomonas aeruginosa


2021Appl Microbiol Biotechnol4.813   Toxin-antitoxin HicAB regulates the formation of persister cells              responsible for the acid stress resistance in Acetobacter pasteurianus


2021Appl Environ Microbiol4.792   The Plant-Beneficial Rhizobacterium Bacillus velezensis FZB42              Controls the Soybean Pathogen Phytophthora sojae Due to Bacilysin      Production南京林业大学

‍‍Transcriptome Analysis of Ice Plant Growth-Promoting Endophytic Bacterium Halomonas sp. Strain MC1 to Identify the Genes Involved in Salt Tolerance‍


ISME9.493Population genomics and evolution of a fungal pathogen after releasing exotic strains to control insect pests for 20 years‍中国科学院植物生理生态研究所
2021Genomics6.205The completed genome sequence of the pathogenic ascomycete fungus Penicillium digitatum杭州师范大学生命与环境科学学院
2020COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY4.165Upregulation of a marine fungal biosynthetic gene cluster by an endobacterial symbiont中国科学院热带海洋生物资源与生态重点实验室
2022IMA Fungus3.515

flack fungi and ants: a genomic comparison of species inhabiting carton nests versus domatia

2020Mycoses3.065Assembly and analysis of the whole genome of Arthroderma uncinatum strain T10, compared with Microsporum canis and Trichophyton rubrum‍

Elife8.146A novel ATP dependent dimethylsulfoniopropionate lyase in bacteria that releases dimethyl sulfide and acryloyl-CoA中国海洋大学
2021Microbiol Spectr7.171The Second Chromosome Promotes the Adaptation of the Genus   Flammeovirga   to Complex Environments山东大学
Emerging Microbes & Infections7.163Increasing prevalence of hypervirulent ST5 methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus subtype poses a serious clinical threat上海交通大学附属仁济医院
Chemosphere5.778Tetracycline degradation by Klebsiella sp. strain TR5: Proposed degradation pathway and possible genes involved盐城师范学院
2021Mar Drugs5.118Identification and Heterologous Expression of the Kendomycin B Biosynthetic Gene Cluster from   Verrucosispora   sp. SCSIO 07399中国科学院热带海洋生物资源与生态重点实验室
2020The Journal of Infectious Diseases5.045Risk Factors and Molecular Epidemiology of Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infections With Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae: A Multicenter Study in China‍上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院北院重症医学科
2020Environmental Microbiology4.933Comparative genomic analysis of iprodione-degrading Paenarthrobacter strains reveals the iprodione catabolic molecular mechanism in Paenarthrobacter sp. strain YJN-5南京农业大学
2021Environmental Microbiology4.933Rapid and highly efficient genomic engineering with a novel iEditing device for programming versatile extracellular electron transfer of electroactive bacteria中国科学技术大学生命科学学院

Food Research International6.475Isolation, characterization and comparison of lytic Epseptimavirus phages targeting Salmonella‍大连理工大学生命学院
2021Front Microbiol5.64A Novel Polyvalent Bacteriophage vB_EcoM_swi3 Infects Pathogenic Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis青岛农业大学动物医学院
2020Microbial biotechnology5.328The endolysin of the Acinetobacter baumannii phage vB_AbaP_D2 shows broad antibacterial activity‍大连理工大学
2020Environmental Microbiology5.147A newly recorded Rickettsia of the Torix group is a recent intruder and an endosymbiont in the whitefly Bemisia tabaci浙江大学昆虫科学研究所
2021Viruses5.048Isolation and Identifification of Type F Bovine Enterovirus from Clinical Cattle with Diarrhoea南京农业大学兽医学院
2022Viruses5.048Genetic and Pathogenic Characterization of a New Iridovirus Isolated from Cage-Cultured Large Yellow Croaker (Larimichthys crocea) in China浙江海洋大学
2021Applied and Environmental Microbiology4.792Pathogenic Escherichia coli-Specific Bacteriophages and Polyvalent Bacteriophages in Piglet Guts with Increasing Coliphage Numbers after Weaning‍南京农业大学
2020Journal of Virology4.501LamB, OmpC and the Core Lipopolysaccharide of Escherichia coli K12 Function as Receptors of Bacteriophage Bp7青岛农业大学动物医学院
2021Aquaculture3.224Protective effectiveness of feeding phage cocktails in controlling Vibrio harveyi infection of turbot Scophthalmus maximus‍大连理工大学


Nature Cell Biology28.824

The memory of neuronal mitochondrial stress

is inherited transgenerationally via elevated

mitochondrial DNA levels


Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of the many-lined sun skink (Eutropis multifasciata) and comparison with other Scincomorpha species‍

2020Theoretical and Applied Genetics4.439

Genome‑wide analysis of mRNA and lncRNA expression and mitochondrial genome sequencing provide insights into the mechanisms underlying a novel cytoplasmic male sterility system, BVRC‑CMS96, in Brassica rapa

2022The Crop Journal4.407

The cotton mitochondrial chimeric gene orf610a causes male sterility by disturbing the dynamic balance of ATP synthesis and ROS burst

2021International Journal of Molecular Sciences4.183

Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequence and Identification of a Candidate Gene Responsible for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Celery ( Apium graveolens   L.)

Genes (Basel)4.096Mitochondrial Genomes of the Genus   Claassenia   (Plecoptera: Perlidae) and Phylogenetic Assignment to Subfamily Perlinae扬州大学园艺与植物保护学院/应用昆虫研究所
2021BMC Genomics3.969Comparative analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome sequences and anther development cytology between maintainer and Ogura-type cytoplasm male-sterile cabbage (B. oleracea Var. capitata)北京市农科院蔬菜研究中心
2021Frontiers in Marine Science3.661

A New Species of the Deep-Sea Sponge-Associated Genus Eiconaxius (Crustacea: Decapoda: Axiidae), With New Insights Into the Distribution, Speciation, and Mitogenomic Phylogeny of Axiidean ShrimpsComparative Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of two Medicinal Plants: Arctium Lappa and A. Tomentosum‍



Front Plant Sci5.753Comparative Chloroplast Genomes of   Zosteraceae   Species Provide Adaptive Evolution Insights Into Seagrass


2021Front Plant Sci5.753

Complete Chloroplast Genome Analysis of Two Important Medicinal Alpinia Species: Alpinia galanga and Alpinia kwangsiensis

2020International Journal of Molecular Sciences4.556

Comparative Analyses of Five Complete Chloroplast Genomes from the Genus Pterocarpus (Fabacaeae)‍

中国林业科学研究院 热带林业研究所树木遗传育种国家重点实验室
2021BMC Genomics4.215

The cotton mitochondrial chimeric gene orf610a causes male sterility by disturbing the dynamic balance of ATP synthesis and ROS burst

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution3.992Evolutionary patterns of plastome uncover diploid-polyploid maternal rela- tionships in Triticeae‍四川农业大学小麦研究所
2021BMC Genomics3.594Comparative chloroplast genomes: insights into the evolution of the chloroplast genome of Camellia sinensis and the phylogeny of Camellia‍五邑大学茶叶与食品科学学院
2021BMC Genomics3.594The complete chloroplast genome of Stauntonia chinensis and compared analysis revealed adaptive evolution of subfamily Lardizabaloideae species in China‍九江大学药学院
2020BMC Genomics3.501

Comparative chloroplast genomics of the genus Taxodium‍


Horticulture Research6.793

Genome sequencing and population resequencing provide insights into the genetic basis of domestication and diversity of vegetable soybean

2021The Plant Journal6.417

Long-read genome assembly and genetic architecture of fruit shape in the bottle gourd

2021Molecular Ecology Resource6.286

A high-quality genome assembly of the eggplant provides insights into the molecular basis of disease resistance and chlorogenic acid synthesis


Integrated effects of Ulva prolifera bloom and decay on nutrients inventory and cycling in marginal sea of China

2020Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics7.051

The Wolfiporia cocos Genome and Transcriptome Shed Light on the Forma‐ tion of Its Edible and Medicinal Sclerotium

中国中医科学院 中药研究所
2020Giga Science5.993

Genome sequence of the agarwood tree Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Spreng: the first chromosome-level draft genome in the Thymelaeceae family

2020Giga Science5.993

The chromosome-level draft genome of Dalbergia odorifera

2020Molecular Ecology5.855

Chromosome‐level genome assembly for the largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides provides insights into adaptation to fresh and brackish water


The Chromosome-scale Genome of Melon Dissects Genetic Architecture of Important Agronomic Traits



Long-term efect of epigenetic modifcation in plant–microbe interactions: modifcation of DNA methylation induced by plant growth_x005fpromoting bacteria mediates promotion process

2022Frontiers in Nutrition6.576

Multi-Omics Landscape of DNA Methylation Regulates Browning in “Fuji” Apple

2021Frontiers in plant science5.753

Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis of Soybean Curled-Cotyledons Mutant and Functional Evaluation of a Homeodomain-Leucine Zipper (HD-Zip) I Gene GmHDZ20

2020J Cell Physiol5.546

CCL21/CCR7 interaction promotes EMT and enhances the stemness of OSCC via a JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway

2020Journal of Immunology4.886

Genome-Wide DNA Methylation and RNA Analysis Reveal Potential Mechanism of Resistance to Streptococcus agalactiae in GIFT Strain of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)